In Our Clients' Own Words

Alissa R.
Austin, TX

I started my legal proceeding after I had a car accident and the one at fault did not want to pay for all the damages. After a short week or two the matter was resolved with the money and extra for the accident. He did everything very professional and fast, great lawyer one that I recommend if anyone is ever in this position. Thank you for all your hard work!

Damaris A.
Del Valle, TX

I attended a few months ago when I had a car accident. He obtained very good results and I’m very happy with his work. Thanks for all your help. I am very satisfied with his attention to the case.

Mindy L.
Austin, TX

Armando Zuniga obtained a financial settlement on my behalf with a major corporation. I was satisfied with the results and 100% positive I would not have obtained that amount with another law firm. Mr. Zuniga is compassionate toward my needs as a client and was very assertive and active in negotiation with the other party. He is an attorney who gets things done. I also really appreciate the professionalism, respect, and sensitivity that his support staff/paralegal gave me during this process. I highly recommend prospective clients call him first and consult with him on their needs.

Josh V.
Austin, TX

Wow. I was in a complicated legal situation and called Armando. He happened to be close by, and immediately offered to come meet with me to talk through the situation. I was scared and confused; Armando was calm, cool, and full of solutions. Armando went above and beyond for me and – subsequently – a close friend of mine. I can’t begin to articulate what a great job he did balancing my emotional turmoil with sincerity, competency, and professionalism.

David G.
Austin, TX

Armando is a lifesaver, and helped me with the unexpected burden of the legal process. He is an expedient, efficient, and above all calming guide through a difficult time, and I am satisfied with the results of our endeavor. He is open-minded and supportive and FUN to work with, and I highly recommend him.

Edgar S.
Austin, TX

At first, I thought “he’s just another lawyer” but, I was completely wrong! Armando Zuniga is the best attorney you could have to represent you in any situation. He works with you even when you don’t work with him. He is very upfront, honest, and humble yet very firm about every situation. Thank you for all the effort and hard work you put towards my case!

Victor C.
Austin, TX

Armando did an outstanding job in resolving my case. I went in thinking the problem was bad, but he resolved it within days. I highly recommend Armando as an attorney.

Jacob L.
Austin, TX

Armando was able to help and provide guidance once again! Very responsive to my questions and overall really helpful. He provided me with options and let me make the best decision for me versus giving me only one option. I’ll continue to use Armando’s services.

Mike L.
Austin, TX

Very very easy to work with. Armando was super up front with the process, and everything went exactly as he described it would. Everything worked out in my favor and I recommend this firm to anyone.

Joshua R.
Phoenix, AZ

Armando did a great job at representation and was able to address all my matters without my presence making the resolution of my case a lot easier and convenient.

Pepe B.
Austin, TX

First, if you have a problem and you are looking somebody to trust, Armando is the right one. Armando helped me out in a very delicate case, and he was able to dismiss the case thanks to his great work! If you are in trouble and you don’t know how legal things work out, Armando explains things so well, that you just can appreciate the way how he works. It’s hard to explain all the good things he has done in regards to my case and to describe how a good professional Armando is. I highly recommend Armando for any law problem, because I’m pretty sure he will be able to help you out.

Christian G.
Austin, TX

For the last couple of years Armando Zuniga has been my attorney but become a friend of mine. He has taken care of me time and again with some major stuff and things as small as tickets. When other Attorneys wouldn’t touch it, he would take care of it. He is one of the very best in Austin and I would rather have no one else to defend me. He is confident firm and will get it done. I highly recommend personally and can’t express my gratitude for him helping me out these last couple of years! Thanks again so much!!!!

Seana B.
Tell, TX

For those looking for a competent and dedicated attorney for probate and criminal defense in the Austin area, I would highly recommend Armando Zuniga. I was recently given the task of Administrator on complicated contested Estate. The day of trial, Mr. Zuniga’s law firm had the paperwork in order and we were thoroughly prepped for court. Mr. Zuniga had researched aspect of the case and was flawless. His demeanor with witnesses, opposing counsel, and the judge was very professional. Once the case had been won, he followed up with the same attention to detail that had been shown in court: papers were ready to be signed, appointments were given at his office for signatures, and close out documents all submitted in a timely fashion. And for those who have ever been subjected to downtown traffic, Mr. Zuniga’s Law offices are a short walk to the courthouse. Nate W.

Hilario C.
San Antonio, TX

Armando Zuniga was a great help in my case. I had a DWI case that was reinstated by the prosecutor without a followed-up notice. The case was from 2011 got dismissed in 2012, then reinstated 3 weeks later. Recently I applied for a salaried position which was taken away because of this unfortunate unresolved situation. Armando and his office were very personable where he sat me down and explained the probable outcomes of my case. I was very fortunate to have him on my side as my case was dismissed with his leading. I appreciate him and his office and recommend his legal advice.

Aaron K.
Austin, TX

I was arrested for speeding & DWI in April 2016. First time being arrested, much less getting a DWI. From day 1, Armando set the expectations, was upfront and honest about my case and situation. He is extremely prompt on his follow ups or if there are any updates to share regarding the case. He makes the calls himself, not a secretary. When you call, you speak directly to Armando. In the end, we were able to get the prosecutor to drop the DWI and speeding ticket! Despite having many factors in my favor, we got the result we were shooting for. I have ZERO complaints and would recommend Armando to anyone looking for a GREAT defense attorney to represent you or a family member. Price was reasonable and actually lower than what I anticipated (given it was my first arrest for DWI, take it for what it’s worth).

Joaquin C.
Austin, TX

Sadly Armando couldn’t take my case due to technicalities that I had introduced after waiting too long before getting consultation, but he did spend the time to honestly and thoroughly walk me through different scenarios in hopes that I could handle the murky insurance waters on my own.You could tell he honestly empathized with the situation I had placed myself into and did offer his full services if the worst possibility materialized. Hopefully it won’t get to that point, but I’d happily visit Armando again if that were the case.

Pauline G.
Kyle, TX

Armando Zuniga is the BEST! If i could give him more than 5 stars I would. He helped my husband out in his case and he got his case dismissed. If you’re looking for someone reliable and helpful and very professional Armando is the one to call he will explain everything to you and he always has contact with you and sends email and text messages and you can even email or send a text and he responds right away. Thank You Armando for everything you are the Best!

Marcus F.
Austin, TX

WOW!!! Armando amazed me throughout the entire process of a very stressful and possibly life changing experience. He was able to be trusted with information I was ashamed of and never did I feel judgement from him. His professionalism was met with confidence, integrity, knowledge and experience. I was confident in the process because Armando was very clear with all of my options and walked me through the bureaucracy of the system. My results were very favorable in my direction and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Barbara M.
Austin, TX

All I can say is that Armando is awesome. We had a lot of family members involved in our situation and he handled it all very well. He kept us informed and took the time to explain everything that was going on. This was stressful at times for me but Armando was great and handled everything as smooth as possible. Thank you, Armando!!

Nestecha C.
Round Rock, TX

Armando knows his stuff!! We were very pleased with just the initial consultation. He was professional, knowledgeable, and his rates were fair and reasonable. It seemed as if he knew more about what we were dealing with than our seasoned family attorney that has been practicing for over 30 years. We were just impressed all the way around. I think we might have found our new family attorney ;).

Amy G.
Sandy, UT

All I can say about Armando Zuniga is that he is the absolute BEST!!! I had a 10-year-old drug possession charge that I had ignored over the years because I was terrified of the outcome. Before this, I had never been in any trouble with the law so my imagination had me spending years of my life in jail. I was recently offered a job and still had this open warrant that I needed to have cleared up before I could get the job. I looked on yelp and called another attorney before I called Armando. This other attorney scared me to death and quoted me an outrageous retainer fee. In tears, I decided to try yelp again and found Armando. He made me feel right at ease and helped calm me down letting me know my case may not be as big of a deal as I thought it was. He was so professional and told me to just go about my normal business and leave the legal issues to him because he would take care of it. He explained everything to me along the way and answered all my questions. His retainer was very reasonable and I decided to hire him for my case. I relayed to him that getting the warrant released was my main concern as I could not go back to my job until that was complete. I currently live in another state and was prepared to travel back to Austin to get this taken care of. To my surprise, Armando called only 3 DAYS LATER to tell me he had gotten not only the warrant released, but the case dismissed! All while I was still at home! I will recommend Armando to anyone and everyone I know in Austin that needs an attorney. I am forever grateful for his hard and caring work on my case. THANK YOU, ARMANDO!!!

John S.
Houston, TX

Several months ago, I went through a rough patch in my life where I got into some criminal trouble and I was referred to Armando to be the best fit for my situation. At first, I was angry and frustrated with my choices that landed me in this position and nervous about what all I was facing. Armando possesses a unique ability of staying calm and collected when he has a client in his office stressing out. He gave me his thoughts and potential solutions and said he would stay in my corner and fight for my rights. He also told me to leave the legality things to him and for me to focus on correcting the behaviors that landed me in this trouble. Armando has become a friend through this ordeal and has done an amazing job. He has gone above and beyond any other attorney that I have used in the past. He doesn’t settle for the status quo or give up and have you sign a judgment you’re not happy with. He makes you feel like you are his only client and he fights the whole way through. He is an outstanding attorney and I HIGHLY recommend him. Thank you, Armando!

Jennifer P.
Dallas, TX

I cannot say enough about Armando. From the moment I called him to discuss my case he immediately put me at ease and took charge. He had confidence that he could help me and assured me everything would be ok, he was genuine, compassionate, he really cared. He was so professional and diligent. He went above and beyond and got my case dismissed! He is a true professional and caring person who will fight for you 100%. I felt like I was his only client and main priority. Very honest and trustworthy!! Thank you, Armando, you saved my life!!

Jason T.
Pflugerville, TX

Very professional, knowledgeable and doesn’t overcharge! He got my case dismissed. He managed my expectations well as delivered on all the “maybe ” options. I highly recommend Armando Zuniga!

Jake L.
Austin, TX

I contacted Armando with an issue I had been dealing with and was in need of immediate legal advice. Within hours he sent me important information to move forward in my case and saw me in person later that day. Within 48 hours I had all the legal documents I needed and guidance for the future. I could not have asked for better or quicker service. Armando did an amazing job handling my case. He was very professional, comprehensible, and more than anything I felt I could trust him to have my best interest at mind. If I need any legal help in the future, I will definitely return and highly recommend Armando to friends and family.

Jordan D.
Austin, TX

I came to Armando with a contract-breach situation I had been dealing with for some time. It was incredibly stressful and time consuming for me in deciding how to move forward. After speaking briefly with Armando, he took the reins and handled all future communication and legal matters between me and the other party. He did a phenomenal job in representing me and wrapped up the case in less than a week (something I didn’t think was possible). Beyond that, I was able to secure 40% more than the other party was willing to pay and 16% more than I was willing to walk away with! For remedying the situation in such a timely fashion and securing payment in and above my asking price, I highly recommend Armando and will definitely be using him again when needed!

Joshua G.
San Antonio, TX

Armando represented and helped me avoid two serious charges that I was dealing with. They were serious charges, and I like that he didn’t b.s. with me like the cheesy television attorneys that promise to drop your case and win you money. He is realistic and tells you worst case scenario and takes it step by step. If you listen to his advice (which I didn’t do too well in the beginning, but still had my charges dropped), he will get you as good as or a BETTER outcome than any other lawyer you are considering. I genuinely & truly believe that. He is very honest, available at almost all times (phone, text & email), and is EXTREMELY organized & prepared!!! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!

Aaron P.
Austin, TX

About two years ago Armando helped me get my driver’s license back! I was driving (with no license) all throughout my teenage years and racked up a lot of no driver’s license and no insurance tickets. I’m glad I had him in my corner to help me through the tricky process of getting my license back.

Justin S.
San Francisco, CA

Armando helped my partner and I with a personal estate matter. His discretion and professionalism were appreciated from the first day. His attentiveness and respectfulness are what sets him apart from the rest.

Austin, TX

After being told by a reputable law office that they could not help me I found Armando on here and he was very helpful. I would highly recommend Armando, he was very professional and efficient, Thank you Armando!